Ogden Valley Shopping

Ogden Valley shopping options are listed below by location–in Eden and Huntsville.  In the case of the closest full service liquor store, there is not currently an Ogden Valley location.  Though you may purchase 3.2% beer at Valley Market, Ogden has the closest liquor store–and there are several others between SLC Airport an Ogden, which you can find listed here.

Though Valley Market has an excellent range of groceries for a small market, Ogden has several large grocery stores–as well as Costco, Sam’s Club, and just about anything else you could need or want! 

Ogden Valley Shopping, in Eden:                                                   

Chic Style Clothing Boutique                                                                                            

Diamond Peak Mountain Sports                                                                                             

Lavender Hill                                                                                                                     

Ogden Valley Note Cards (online)                                                                                    

Ogden Valley Open Market (seasonal, in summer)                                                       

Rainbow Gardens (at the mouth of Ogden Canyon)  

Simply Eden Bath & Body                                                                                                         

Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery                                                                                           

Stoney Field Farm (seasonal, in summer)                                                                                  

Valley Market and video rental                                                                                         

Ogden Valley Shopping, in Huntsville:                                             

Resources Unique Fine Art and Accessories                                                       

Wilkerson Fine Art                                                                                                                       

ogden valley shopping

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