Ogden Valley Dining

Ogden Valley Dining is listed below by location–in Eden, Huntsville, or Ogden Canyon–with most restaurants within a 15 minute drive of Ogden Valley lodging properties.  See our Ogden Dining page for additional restaurants, most of which are about a 30 minutes drive from Ogden Valley lodging properties.                                                      

Ogden Valley Dining, in Eden:                                                             

Alpine Pizza and Pasta                                                                                                                

Carlos and Harley’s Fresh Mex Cantina                                                      

Eats of Eden, 2595 N Hwy 162, in Eden

Luis’s Mexican Cuisine, 2550 N 4920 E, in Eden

Mad Moose Cafe                                                                                                                              

North Fork Table & Tavern                                                                                                          

Pat’s Food Shack, 2580 N. Highway 162, in Eden                                                              

Ogden Valley Dining, in Huntsville:                                                 


Huntsville Barbecue Company

Jackson Fork Inn                                                                                                                        

Red Cliff Ranch Cafe                                                                                                                      

Shooting Star Saloon                                                                                                                   

Ogden Valley Dining, in Ogden Canyon:                                                 

Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant                                                                                               

The Oaks                                                                                                                                            

ogden valley dining

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