Ogden Dining

Ogden dining choices range from fast food to fine dining, with a good selection within walking distance in the central area from 25th Street to The Junction.  Below you can see which restaurants are located near the mouth of Ogden Canyon, about 15 minutes from the Ogden Valley.  Those in central and south Ogden the 25th St area, including are about 20-25 minutes from the valley.       

Ogden Dining, near Ogden Canyon:                                         

The Greenery Restaurant                                                                                                      

Timbermine Restaurant                                                                                                

Ogden Dining, central and south:                                                      

Harley and Buck’s Great American Cuisine                                                                             

Historic 25th Street Dining in Ogden                                                                             

Restaurant 1107                                                                                                                

Zucca Trattoria                                                                                                                        

ogden dining

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