Powder Mountain Vacation Rentals

Powder Mountain vacation rentals

First time visitors to the area, looking for Powder Mountain vacation rentals, benefit from an overview of the area–including info on shopping, dining, and transportation.  Those details are provided here, to assist in your trip planning–and help make your visit to the area as enjoyable as possible!

With Powder Mountain not being as developed as most northern Utah resorts (what we love about it, since that seems to keep the crowds at bay), there are few on-mountain lodging properties.  Slopeside shopping and dining are limited to that at the ski area–the rental shop and a couple of eateries–as development of a village is in the planning stages.

The majority of Powder Mountain vacation rentals are located off-mountain, in the Wolf Creek Resort part of Eden, about 10-15 minutes from the ski area under normal road conditions.  Huntsville, on the Snowbasin side of the valley, has a few more properties that are a 20-25 minute drive from the Powder Mountain resort.

Most visitors rent a car, whether staying on- or off-mountain.  For guests staying in slopeside Powder Mountain vacation rentals, having a car allows the flexibility to dine off-mountain and buy groceries as they wish.  Though airport shuttle companies allow a grocery/liquor stop en route from the airport for a nominal fee, the only other shuttle service in the area is by public bus–from the Powder Mountain parking lot in Eden to the ski area, with stops at a couple of lodging properties along the way.  This ski shuttle service runs on a schedule, rather than continuously, with a fee to ride.

There are several restaurants in Eden.  Huntsville has a few more, as does Ogden Canyon–between the valley and the city of Ogden.  Most restaurants are within a 5 to 15 minute drive of the Eden and Huntsville lodging properties.  See our Dining/Activities pages for additional details.

Valley Market has a good grocery selection, at reasonable prices.  At this time, the closest liquor store–for anything other than the 3.2 beer available at grocery stores–is in Ogden.  For liquor store locations, check the Utah ABC website:    The Smiths grocery store, at the corner of 12th Street and Harrison Blvd (just before you enter Ogden Canyon, coming to the valley via I-15 to 12th St exit from SLC), is the closest larger grocery store; and Ogden also has Costco and Sam’s Club.  For guests coming to the valley via Trappers Loop (Hwy 89, to I-84, to Hwy 167), there is a Costco in Bountiful, and large grocery stores–as well as liquor stores–en route.

If the details above don’t answer all questions, we’re happy to address any others as we assist guests booking their Powder Mountain vacation rentals.


Utah Resort Reservations Services

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by Utah Resort Reservations Services….at no added cost, we offer the largest selection of Powder Mountain and Snowbasin lodging–with local knowledge of the area and resorts.  Let us check availability, and save you time and money.  Unlike other lodging companies, who offer only the properties they manage, we work with on- and off-mountain property managers, as well as individual vacation rental and timeshare owners. We shop the inventory and send details on specific properties available for your dates. Call or request vacation rental information here.

We specialize in the Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, Wolf Creek Utah, Eden, and Huntsville areas.  We can also assist you with vacation rentals in Park City, Deer Valley, Canyons, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton.

What you need to know if you’re planning a trip to the Powder Mountain/Snowbasin area:

  • There is limited on-mountain lodging at Powder Mountain — and none at Snowbasin; but the valley between the two resorts has a variety of lodging options and prices.
  • Staying in the valley allows for access to both Powder Mountain and Snowbasin ski areas, in addition to shopping and restaurants which are limited at both resorts.
  • Utah Resort Reservations has the largest, most complete inventory of Powder Mountain and Snowbasin vacation rentals — cabins, ski condos, B&Bs, and mountain homes–including ski-in ski-out properties.

Not familiar with Ogden Valley?   See map below for resort and lodging property locations. For more information, request free copies of the Ogden Valley Map and Valley Views Magazine, or see What To Do In Ogden Valley online.

There is never an added cost to our customers
for use of our services, just added value!

Diamond Peak Mountain Sports at Wolf Mountain Diamond Peak Mountain Sports The Cascades at Moose Hollow Moose Hollow Condos Lakeside Village Valley House Inn B&B Jackson Fork Inn Snowbasin Resort Snowberry Inn B&B The Red Moose Lodge Wolf Mountain Resort Wolf Lodge Condos Powder Ridge Condos at Powder Mountain Trappers Village Powder Mountain Resort Columbine Inn at Powder Mountain The Fairways
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Why use Utah Resort Reservations?  Put our local knowledge to work for you!  Because we represent multiple properties, but are not a property management company, we don’t have to sell you on “our” properties.  We’ll find the one that best suits you.

Check out your lodging options on this Web Site or give us a call at 1-(888)-748-UTAH, for honest, personalized service.  There’s no added cost to use our services…just added value!

Planning a wedding, family reunion, or other special event in the Ogden Valley?  Let us help with your arrangements.  In addition to booking your lodging, we can provide information about available settings and services that will make your occasion that much more special!

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